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will arrive in your wallet in just a moment. You are officially a NiftyTeddy owner!

Buying Guide

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Click on the bouncing brown box to reserve your NiftyTeddy.

  2. Copy both the Amount and the Wallet Address. Send the Amount to the Wallet Address from your Yoroi, AdaLite, Nami or Daedalus wallet. (PLEASE DO NOT SEND US PAYMENTS DIRECTLY FROM BINANCE, COINBASE, OR ANY OTHER EXCHANGE.)

  3. Wait for your transaction to process. Once successful, the NiftyTeddy finds its rightful owner (you!) and will show up on your screen. The NiftyTeddy will be sent to the wallet address that payment was sent from.

You can refer to our video guide here.

Need help? Reach out to us via Twitter or Discord!