Dimensional Rift

niftyteddy x oodon

And with a soft, distant growl of thunder, the Rift has come and gone. All that's left behind are remnants of the rift, shards that still show a glimpse into the other world, Oodon's dimension. The shards looked unique and different, but seemed to come together to form what can only be described as a window into Oodon's world.

A wizard teddy, dressed in grey robes, complete with a pointy hat and staff suddenly appears. He offers to fuse the shards together, but they can only be fused on a specific day.

"Return here on Oct 30 with the four unique shards, and I will fuse them together," he says, before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

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A dimensional rift has ripped through the Nifty TeddyVerse!

Creatures are emerging from the rift. They look cute and cuddly, and have teddy-shaped heads. But why do they look so strange? Where are they coming from? What does this mean for our Teddyverse?

Dimensional Shard
Fusing Guide

3 Simple Steps

  1. Enter your wallet address in the textbox and click “Start Fusion!”. You will need to have at least one of each unique Shard.
  2. The amount and wallet address will be displayed. Copy the exact amount and wallet address into your wallet's "Send" tab.
  3. In addition to that, use your wallet to add tokens to the transaction by selecting the 4 unique shards, and send them to the address from the previous step in the same transaction. You will need a wallet capable of sending multiple tokens in a single transaction ( e.g. ccwallet, Nami or Daedalus).
  4. Wait for your transaction to be processed. Once successful, the fused quadriptych will be appear on your screen. After a few minutes, the quadriptych should appear in your wallet.

What to send in a single transaction

8 ADA + Dust


All 4 Dimensional Shards

Shard 1

Shard 2

Shard 3

Shard 4

What's going on?

An art experience on Cardano

Collect all 4 Dimensional Rift Shards and fuse them into an epic Dimensional Rift Quadriptych

Steps to participate

  1. 23 to 26 Oct: Mint all FOUR Dimensional Shards. Note: There are only four designs; you must collect all four unique designs to participate in the Fusion. Shard allocation per mint is random. Event ended.

  2. 30 Oct | Fusion Event: Send us your Dimensional Shards for 8 ADA. We will burn the FOUR Dimensional Shards and return you ~2 ADA along with the final Dimensional Rift Quadriptych.

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The artwork

oodon's cute interpretation of our Teddyverse lives on through the Dimensional Rift. Spot familiar teddies (some are famous figures in the CNFT community). Tell us what you think they're doing or thinking!

Each Shard can be collected as standalone pieces of artwork, if you so choose. Collect all four to form the Quadriptych, an epic digital art painted on four panels.

The artist


A well-loved artist who draws cute and adorable art within the CNFT community. oodon has worked with FahadoukenNFT, also a well-respected and well-loved figure within the CNFT community. Their art continues to touch that gooey part of our hearts we pretend doesn't exist.